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Grow your website’s organic traffic with tried and true best optimization practices. I take care of your SEO, digital PR, and link building to drive traffic, improve rankings, and increase revenue. 

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Marketing that does no harm

When faced with all of the world’s most pressing issues, I wanted to know, “how can I help?”

The best solution I could come up with was to use all of my energy, resources, and privilege to do good in the world.

Because business and good can coexist. 

Businesses can make money without harming people or the environment. And I’m on a mission to help them do that.

My Mission

My mission is to change the way businesses are run. Rather than helping businesses make more money at the expense of others, we’re helping businesses grow while in service of others. I’m on a mission to change the way business is done, from cheap and dirty tactics to mindful and long-lasting strategies.

My Vision

My vision is to help create a world where capitalism can thrive while also supporting human rights and sustainability.

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increase organic rankings

Increase Rankings

I create content that ranks, period. 

increase organic rankings

Improve Site Authority

My holistic SEO approach boosts authority fast.

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Get Backlinks

My know where to find them and how to earn them.

get backlinks

Boost Revenue

I create content that funnels into sales.

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You’ve got a vision and I’ve got the strategy to help get you there. Book a consultation to see what we can build together.

You won’t have to micro-manage, or even worry too much about it. She has the skills to simply open up an entirely new customer acquisition channel for you.

She understands how to rank websites over the long-term and simply drive organic traffic. She writes content that ranks.

Sean Kelly

co-founder of

I tasked Marquis to write articles about seo in ecommerce. given how technical seo can be, it was quite a challenge. Given that she had plenty of experience in seo, Marquis managed to simplify the entire seo process into an engaging, digestible article.

Her article on “product descriptions that sell” is now bringing the ReferralCandy blog tons of organic traffic (in fact, it’s the 4th most valuable page in terms of organic traffic.)

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