SEO & Digital PR

I create content that ranks, get you backlinks, and drive quality leads to your most important sales funnels.

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Growth Content Strategy

Researching, ideating, and outlining a content strategy that will more than double your traffic.

Promotional Linkbuilding

Getting featured links from quality and relevant websites to build authority and trust with Google.

Site Cleanup

A deep technical audit to uncover and correct anything standing in your way.

Email Acquisition

Get tens of thousands of quality leads on your email list every month so that you can grow your customer base without much effort.


What's it like to work with Ahimsa Digital?

My holistic approach to SEO means that my strategy is thorough and well documented so that you don’t have to spend time trying to understand what I’m up to or what progress I’ve made. My goal is to make your life easier by managing your SEO for you. All you have to do is manage all of the new traffic that comes your way.

How does SEO and content marketing work?

SEO and content marketing help connect you to potential customers through digital content, such as blog posts, images, and virtually anything else someone might find on the internet.

It’s like having paid ads that put you at the top of the search engine results pages, except that your website is ranking there naturally. So instead of paying for potential customers to come to your website, they’re coming on their own through the content they find online.

My strategies are solid and have been working for all of my clients for 5 years. Some of my strategies move the needle quickly and others take a few months to see results. This is the nature of content marketing and is why it is a long-term investment rather than a quick win.

What companies need SEO and content marketing?

Not all companies will have major returns from SEO and content marketing services and I will tell you whether or not your business would benefit from our services.

I only work with companies that can see a good return from our services and have the budget to pay for them.

In my experience, the best fit companies are:

  • mostly online and generate most of their revenue through online sales
  • semi-mature with a strong profit margin already established
  • already producing content for their sites but need an expert to take over
  • knowledgeable of the long-term benefits that SEO can bring



What is the pricing?

Although we do have a handful of long-term clients on a retainer basis, we also offer our services in “sprints” so that you’re only paying for what you need. Each sprint is priced based on how many pages you have or how many links we earn.

Need more backlinks? Then you’ll want the Promotional Linkbuilding sprint. Need more content? Then you’ll want the Growth Content Strategy sprint. Need it all? Then let’s build a schedule of sprints for you for long-term management and growth.

That being said, my services are best offered to businesses who can afford to pay $5,000+ per month comfortably. If your business is not at this stage yet, then I can work with you on a consultation basis.


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